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So I figure it's about time I get a semi-decent update in.

Basically what it comes down to is that I'm sick. So I'm on a combination of Sav-On's version of Dayquil, Cold-eeze cough drops, tea with honey and Hall's cough drops. Yeah. I'm pretty drugged up.
Oh, and I just got back from taping fliers to the ground for an hour in 45 degree weather which I'm sure helped the situation tons. :P Anyway at least I'm feeling slightly better than I was this morning. I'm less tired, at any rate, which is good. I have two papers - my final project proposal for anthro worth 10% of my grade, and my short story for Fiction which I need to do a good job on so that the workshopping of it gives me optimal material to work with when I revise (the revision/revised version is worth 1/3 of my grade) - due Friday. I've totally brushed off the anthro one to do tomorrow and at some point during this and next week I need to go write on chalkboards for Last Lectures, so I haven't decided whether or not I'll get up at 6 tomorrow to do that or not. Meh. :P

Ok. That's all you'll get from me today. Oh! My schedule for next quarter, two classes on TTh from 9-3:20, one class MWF from 9-9:50. Kickass.
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