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Final Stretchery

[edit 21:15] reasons for plan failing:
I've got my intro, and the beginning of a first body paragraph and my boy calls. Can't turn that down. Then.. I realized I haven't showered all day and I'm going to go out to a concert? Yeah. So I go take a shower. Now I have 10 minutes to write 2 pages. Not happening. Buh. I love it how I put myself into fixes like this. Ah well. It's a good thing I have time to be screwing off as I have a good idea of what I'm going to write in my essay and know that I have a great capability for stringing sentences together or else I'd be more worried about myself.

I only have one more essay left - 3 pages worth 12.5% of my grade in anthro. Tomorrow I'm going to go into the city to do asset mapping which I meant to do today except then I didn't go to sleep till 3 which let to me sleeping until 11 today :P I'll be back by 7 to watch a video for anthro though. Then.. Monday will be aallll studying for my Spanish final. That'll take me to Tuesday, the last day of this quarter for me during which I will audition for the non-major voice program and then go take a final from 7-9 at night :o(.

Anyway, last night I went to the F15 show which was excellent. And tonight my roomie wants to go so I'll probably go again. I know, I can't get enough of boys a capella. Hopefully nobody will streak like they did last night.

So I've got two hours to finish this final so I'm gonna go now.
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