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The Conversation that I just had with my dog

heidithebichon (19:05:02): hi jen
Goldsafire (19:05:19): hello
heidithebichon (19:05:27): mom bought pig ears
Goldsafire (19:05:35): oh boy!
Goldsafire (19:06:00): did she give you one?
heidithebichon (19:06:23): and she bought me something fun. do you think it is for christmas
Goldsafire (19:06:35): maybe :o)
heidithebichon (19:06:47): no, she came home and put it in the cabinet! and I couldn't open the cabinet
Goldsafire (19:06:55): haha
heidithebichon (19:07:11): but I could smell it in the car and I kept wanting to go in the back seat to find it. Guess what?
Goldsafire (19:07:17): what?
heidithebichon (19:07:50): I ate some Chinese leftovers that were in the way back seat-they were from a long time ago. I ate them when Mom was in Walgreens. It made the whole car smell. yumm
Goldsafire (19:08:07): haha, that was naughty of you!
Goldsafire (19:08:15): so I got you something too
heidithebichon (19:08:17): ok, going for a walk, bye
Goldsafire (19:08:23): there was a doggy treat store in oak park
Goldsafire (19:08:41): I will give you some when I see you on Friday
heidithebichon (19:08:41): oops, I didn't get you anything. But mom has a recipe for treats and she said she is going to make treats for me. Just me
Goldsafire (19:08:51): sounds very good!
Goldsafire (19:08:54): have a nice walk!
heidithebichon (19:08:54): bye
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