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Last night was, as Bons would put it, straight banging.

Eric and I hopped a few parties to get the full Los Altos New Year's flavah.
First party: Mainstreet singer Shannon's mom's party. Lots of people the age of my parents singing karaoke drunk, dancing and Eric, Yahya and Peter singing some more.
Second party: We bring Keith's party a pizza as a peace offering only to find that it isn't needed. Got to see Sam and Paul, and some girl who recognized my picture from the wall on my orthodontist's office (?!) We were only there for like 30 minutes when out of nowhere appears a cop. 5 minutes later we're sitting in the living room being berated by a woman as she writes down people's names on their IDs. They were pretty chill about it though, and we found ourselves out the door 10 minutes later with a carful of drunk girls to take home. After that little jaunt to University and then to Mountain View we headed to Matt's.
Third party: We arrived pretty much at the height of the hilarity. Most people were pretty drunk that point and being generally silly. Never seen so many people fall over so many times. At one point I think I was holding up Alisa who was holding up Michelle who was holding up Erin. We watched the New Year arrive and stuck around for a little while as people were starting to fade. Twas a good time had by all though.

That was my New Year's. Today I pretty much got out of bed, took a shower, read a little and then devoted my day to watching the Rose Bowl game with LeiLei, Bons and Dan. USC, unfortunately, kicked UMich's asses, but what can you do? Everyone hates USC anyway ;o)

My New Year's resolution is to be more accepting of people. And gain some goddamn weight.
Someone get me some pie...
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