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look sharp!

I realized today that the cold weather makes me walk with my head down. Which, in turn, I think has affected my view of life. So my resolution is to walk with my head up and shoulders back, like I'm going to go off dancing at any moment :o) I need to start meeting life head on. I haven't been busy enough.

I talked to my mom this morning and came to a resolution (finally) about my chinese lit class, which is that I'm going to stay in it if only so that it forces me to read the books, which I think will be good for me to read anyway. And if I don't go to class, whatever, so long as I write good papers. But I'd rather throw myself into and give it another chance, which I now realize I haven't done enough of. And I also shouldn't gripe so much about the six hours I have in between classes because I'm here to go to class anyway, and if I don't take advantage of that, then why am I at Northwestern?

Anyways, what do you think of this? Yesterday I meant to go to the Art Institute all day, except I ended up getting off on Chicago Ave and going shopping instead. Only I didn't really buy anything. *sigh* Oh well, I'll just have to go back next week, or something.
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