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So last night I totally missed foxtrot rehearsal. But apparently there was only one girl there anyway because of Rush so then I didn't feel as bad. Still, missing dance because I was unconscious on my bed is not good.

I got a ginormous package from my mom yesterday, which I knew was coming, but it was exciting nonetheless. It had my fountain, AirPort, a book I need for class, all my study abroad materials and lots of cookies in it. That definitely made my day.

I have so much to get done this week I don't know even where to start. I need to ask profs to do my recommendations for my study abroad application, and I also need to start writing my essays for that. I need to find a professor to be this quarter's lecturer for LL. I still have a good 150 pages of reading for the end of the week and a bunch of Spanish homework. And then there's this damned article I have to write for my journalism class and I don't even know where to start for that. I don't even have a topic idea. Hopefully I can pull that together tonight in like 2 hours. I probably won't get any real good sources, but whatever. If I cared...

Also I was supposed to meet with my faculty advisor at 10 today but she scheduled a conference call over it, so I have to go back at 11. Then I have a meeting with my fiction prof from last quarter at 1. Class from 3-4:30. Dance at 10. When is Spring Break again? :P
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