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Welcoming the Year of the Monkey

I just had a wonderful dinner (wonderful more because of the company than the food) at the Pine Yard Restaurant. I knew I didn't want dining hall food to ring in the new year, so I got Sunny, Robert, Nick, Misuzu and Alison to come with me and go out for chinese food. I was surprised to find most of them hadn't really had that much chinese food before but it was a lot of fun anyway. It was weird ordering in english though because usually my mom orders and she always does it in Chinese, but it's all good. I also ate a ridiculous amount and then we had some ice cream after so I'm really, really full.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say about today. :D Oh! I managed to get a lower F on my current events quiz than last week. That's some kind of accomplishment I'm sure. haha
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