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I managed to not go outside a single time today. What allowed me to do this and survive?
1) Ryan, the floor RA, went to Panera and bought enough soup/bread meals for 10 people. Soo good; it really just hit the spot.
2) I left my pocketknife at home, so in order to open the canned vegetables I have I used a hammer and a screwdriver. I felt so unsophisticated... but I ate carrots for dinner. And.. popcorn, and a lot of candy. So unhealthy. So delicious. So utterly unsatisfying :P

Then, I watched Adult Swim for 2 hours. *sigh*

But you know what, it's okay that I watched TV because over the weekend I wrote two essays, read 200 pages of Daniel Deronda, did all my spanish homework, wrote a 550 word article, watched my spanish videos twice, edited my essays and finished my study abroad application, cleaned out a stack of 3 weeks worth of newspapers, took care of BLAST paperwork and got 3 hours of dance in. Hah. I win ;o)
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