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I had a pretty ridiculously fun night. Lindsey and I ate dinner at Sargent and for the first time I was actually satisfied with everything on my plate and ate all of it. Then we went to the Graffiti Dancers sneak prevue show, which was amazing. Misuzu was SO GOOD! She really was just beautiful, and the entire show was pretty good in general too ;o)

After that I walked back south with Lindsey and Sahal picked me up to give me a ride to the Firehouse Grill for John Dorfman's birthday party. The party rocked. Damn. It was sooo awesome. I danced a ton, whooped some serious ass in pool (and got some props for it too ;o) and then danced more. Haha, a bunch of people got reaaally drunk and well.. drunk people are pretty fun to dance with too. But yah it was great to just hang loose for a while and feel crazy and I feel like it just connected me with the blast ppl a lot more. So I should go out more I guess :P Anyway, it was good. I didn't nearly eat enough considering all the food was free and I paid $10, but I was busy dancing so that's my excuse. Ah, good stuff. Ok, I suppose I should get to sleep so I can work on my midterm paper tomorrow. Plus it's 2 and that's WAY past my bedtime :D
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