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So dude, the University of Minnesota Star of the North ballroom dance competition was pretty awesome.

Friday we (me, Sahal, Ben and Diane) drove up, leaving Evanston around 5. On the way up we had a gross dinner at McDonald's before swinging over to Rochester to visit Kaitlin. We didn't get in till around 11:30, so she was pretty tired, but it was good to see her. Plus I brought her chocolate chip cookies from the Allison dining hall :o) Yeah, so they're pretty much just doing tests on her still but there's some world renowned expert coming in to see her on Monday and apparently he has some idea of what might be wrong, so we're all hopeful about that. Anyway, we kind of didn't get to the hotel (Quality Inn, baby!) until like 2:30 am, which means we didn't get to bed until 3. That kind of sucked. Especially since we had to be up by 6 on Saturday.

Saturday we got to the University of Minnesota student union around 7:30. The thing is frickin' enormous and Sooooo nice. Wow. It's like 30x the student union that Norris is. It was pretty exciting to be in there. They've got like real stores inside of it and an enormous parking garage with escalators and everything.
Rhythm was in the morning, and Sahal and I decided that that was waaay nicer than having Smooth in the morning. We ended up placing 5th in Cha, and nothing in Rumba. Oh well :D
I had a really really good turkey sandwich from Einstein's for lunch. yum.
After lunch we competed in the smooth events. And oohhhh man. For the most part, we kicked ass. We made it to the finals in all our events. And we almost fell over during the Tango but took 3rd anyway. Our foxtrot went the best I've ever felt it. There were like 6 people who came up to us and told us how nice we looked. That's never happened before, and it was really just an incredible feeling. When awards came around, we found we had gotten first place.
The final round for the Bronze collegiate Waltz wasn't until the evening. The evening is when all the ridiculously incredible championship level dancers compete. So it was kind of awkward going in and dancing in the middle of all their stuff. But yes, again, Sahal and I were just totally in the zone. I told one of the championship dancers how much she inspired me (she was so beautiful on the floor!) and later she gave me and Sahal words of encouragement about how we looked pretty good and we should keep dancing. Whee. We took first in waltz. It was pretty amazing, considering how no one on the BLAST competition team has ever gotten into the top 3, let alone won a Bronze collegiate event before. Ben and Diane also swept the newcomer division, and won their events.
So yes, we didn't just get ribbons at this comp, we got real medals. And for each of our first place wins we got $75 "scholarship" money.

By the end of the day Sahal and I were just walking on air. We got out there and did Lindy Hop for all the general dances they played and I feel like I've never been a better performer or follow before than that. It was really just an amazing feeling. And to know that you're actually somewhat good at something - it really inflates your ego. :D
Sahal's friend Sara took us to Joe's Garage, a good burger/pasta place and then this Amaaazing ice cream parlour.
We got back to the hotel room around 11. Took showers and crashed.

The drive back to Chicago today was kind of long. 6.5 hours. We stopped for gas and for Culver's. I managed to make it to the last half hour of swing rehearsal. Came back to my room and crashed. Right now I definitely wish I was still in bed. But I got a good amount of work done in the car on the way back, and I also finished Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, so that made me feel nice.

Right now I'm kind of dreading the rest of the day. The high i was running on yesterday and most of this morning has been replaced by utter tiredness. I have Tango rehearsal from 8-9:30 and then a meeting for my Spanish group project at 10. It's fortunate I don't have anything important due tomorrow or else I'd be screwed. I need to catch up on my sleep so I don't get sick.
Ok, I think that's enough out of me for now. I may talk more about this high/low thing I've been running through lately at a future date. Hope y'all had a good weekend!
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