Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

I walked around today with head up, looking at the tops of the trees and every shape of the clouds. The rain caught me unawares while I was in class. I kept watching out the window, seeing the sky turn more and more gray. When I came out of the doors into the air, I felt the drops falling, but the clouds - they were drifting still in restless patterns. i didn't care that I had no umbrella, and all around me the rain came down harder and harder as I walked back to my dorm. The world feels so fresh. The thunder rolls sharply, and suddenly through a break in the clouds comes a flash of sunlight. It catches the wetness of the tree bark and for a moment everything shimmers, bright. I've felt more alive these past three days than I have since that night at the Chicago Symphony. I feel invincible and pure.
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