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So I only fell on my head once today. Which was pretty good. And we really only needed the mats twice (and one of those times was when I fell on my head). It's never good when you fall and you hear your spine kind of compressing. Anyway, David and I got the trick maybe three times, which is encouraging. We just need to work it more, I guess. I'm kind of scared that during the show I'm going to fall on my head, but oh well. Dance is pain.

My paper is done! I mean, it kind of sucks, and it needs an argument. But other than that it seems to go on for about 9 pages and uses big words and things in quotation marks, which I assume is a good thing.

I also had a really good Chipotle burrito today for dinner. I used up .98 worth of change. Go me. Now I just have like 20 pennies to get rid of... I guess I could always just give them to some bum on the street. *grin* ok, time to go do something cool like edit my paper some more. And by edit my paper I mean watch Adult Swim.
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