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a day, just an ordinary day

I spent all of my day (or nearly all of it) in bed today.
I woke up at 9, fixed minor grammatical errors in my Victorian Lit. paper and turned it in. He wasn't there, so I slid it under the door. I hope that was okay.

I went back to sleep until 12:30. I had lunch, but really it was breakfast since I ended up eating a bagel and bowl of cereal :o) I was pretty groggy and disjointed. I then proceeded to finish River Town by Peter Hessler. I then read House of Leaves by Mark Danielowski (is that his name?) Sorry, I'm too lazy to bend over and look at the actual spelling.

My neck has been hurting today. Sahal called and asked if I wanted to dance; he was seeking therapy after a not-so-good one-on-one interview with his Superfluidity professor. I couldn't. My neck hurt :o( Also the bruise on my knee is probably the size of a half-dollar. Maybe a little bigger. Even I was startled by it when I looked at it in the shower for the first time this afternoon.

Life is pretty good other than that. It's a little after 11 and I figure I've probably done my fair share of reading for today. I have 20 books I'm going to need to take home with me. That's a lot of books. I think it might be too heavy for my luggage to handle, so we'll see about that, I guess :o)

Other stats on my reading: there's 120 total books on my list. I've read 28 since Nov. 21. The list keeps growing (it started out at around 80). I have 1553 pages that I have as my goal to finish by the time I go home for break. But i also want to do things like write letters to my friends, go running, and clean. Big goals for me, hehe...

Also my mom managed to work her magic and the Apple customer care people said they'd replace my iPod and hopefully even preserve the engraving. *crosses fingers*

I definitely had something else I wanted to say but it seems to have disappeared. Actually, I think I had a lot to say. That's a pity.
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