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started the day mostly pissed off after getting into an argument with Sahal over comp practice vs. rehearsal for the show. Buh. That wasn't cool. So yeah, I was pissed off from like.. 10 to 2 today. But then it was okay.

Right now I'm making myself pork dumplings and Udon noodles in my hotpot. Last night it was hot chocolate. I'm pretty proud of myself for being so versatile with the hot pot thing. I just wish I had some scallions, an egg, and a good knife to cut it all with. Then what a feast that would be!

So far this weekend I've made and learned half of my spanish vocab cards, read five essays for ling, installed XCode (mostly because of my brother), read journalism articles, finished Little Women (about 250 pages), read an essay on Little Women, wrote up article ideas for my big Magazine Writing piece, and had 3 hours of dance. I'm anticipated more productiveness tonight and tomorrow (though not as much tomorrow because of all the dance I have). This means I'll be up late working. But oh well.

Ok, better go eat so I'm on time for dance later :o)
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