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Return of the King

I'd just like to say that it's so, soo good. Oh my goodness. Watching it tonight was like seeing it for the first time.. even though I knew everything that was going to happen I still teared up twice, was in absolute suspense and oh goodness. haha, I love Lord of the Rings so much. And you know, seeing a movie well done like that is just such a reward after Troy last night. :D

The other thing I did today was run almost three hours of interviewing (which does not mean 3 hours of material, unfortunately) and take a nap. YEah. That's pretty much it. Oh! And I got to see Moni, Ina and Jeet at dinner today. And Robert too, but I see him everyday at dinner :o). Best story was how Jeet didn't know about the Trojan horse, which made the movie seem very very clever.
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