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This is so miserable. It's gotta be like 85 degrees in my room AT LEAST. My Spanish final and I had a bit of a tussle today... I don't know if I quite came out on top. I certainly didn't feel good when I got out though, even though I could have sworn I knew everything. Those damn preterito/imperfecto crapholas. *sigh*
Anyway I did a quick lil run up around the frats and back down through the middle of campus in the 90 degree heat (even though at this point it was like 9:00 pm) to clear my head. Then I got in the shower. And I couldn't get back out. It was soo nice. I just kept turning it colder and colder and going "this can't be good for me" but it sure felt good.
I'm not even doing anything except being sprawled on my bed right now, and I'm still sweating from the heat. Ugh. Ok, I'm going to do something else now. Watch adult swim. or something.

Just one final to go.
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