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The wheel keeps on turning...just don't get smushed

Haven't been in an updating mood for a while, but I figure I might as well since I'm on lunch break. Life is pretty good. Things are definitely..changing around here, but not all for the worse. Bonnie has been coming over almost every night to quilt, which means I get to spend time with her, which is absolutely wonderful, I can't even describe it.

Things are taking off with my internship. They've started me on some copy editing, I got paid today, I feel comfortable contributing at meetings (even if I say stupid things) and it seems like they really seriously consider my input, which feels great. It's really given me the confidence to know that I can survive and succeed in the magazine world. Nothing even really feels like work; I find myself jumping into every project they give me quite willingly.

Spain is creeping closer (though I don't yet know if I'll have my visa on time) and I can feel myself gearing up to wrap things up here. I know I've still got a whole month, but it feels like nothing.

I'm also feeling again that loss of not being a part of the competition team next year. It's so weird.. having a group of people, one club, be so much a part of my life. I've never felt such a willingness to work for something before, and it kills me that I don't have any real sway over what will happen with it. *sigh* But I do have confidence in the more senior dancers on the team next year, and I know they'll be amazing and the club will be flourishing by the time I get back in the winter!

Ok, I should go get some more work done.
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