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So I'm actually taking a proper lunch break today although I don't think I can reaaally afford it. Oh well :D

So I think they lace the coffee here with something. Because seriously, I drink it every morning and every morning it makes me feel slightly ill, but I still can't stop drinking it. I don't even have that much.. like a cup. Sometimes only a half cup before it starts eating at my insides. It's a horribly vicious liquid and it's soooo goooooodd.....

I've been researching different Día de los Muertos festivals around the west, and oh my god. I've been put through torture. The CVBs (Convention and Visitors Bureaus) everywhere outside of California, Oregon and Washington play COUNTRY music when they have you on hold! It's sooo awful. I seriously sit there, with my face all scrunched up, gritting my teeth, saying "I can make it. I can make it. I can make it." I'm pretty sure when my call finally gets answered the operator can hear the whoosh as I take a big sigh of relief. Suddely elevator music is the greatest thing I've ever listened to.

The greatest test on my self-control ever was yesterday when I discovered that everything on the ASG groups webserver that was created/changed since Spring Break got lost since that was the last time they backed it up. So basically the hours and hours I put into loading photos from the show/updating the site were all lost. I was ready to kill someone in IT. But Sahal and Joel said they'd go pee on their air conditioners,so I feel avenged.

Speaking of Sahal, I got an e-mail from him letting me know that at the Heartland Classic we kicked the asses of this one couple who we relaly don't like because the guy is arrogant and the girl doesn't know how to smile. AND we qualified to go to Nationals! But can't..because of Spain. Maybe I shouldn't go. To Spain, I mean. hmmm :P

Also I completely missed the 8:30 staff meeting this morning. I thought it wasn't until tomorrow! Not my fault :o(

Well, I'm seriously considering going running today since all I seem to do lately is stuff myself full of carbs and then sit on my ass. Bons is coming over today to quilt around 8, and I'm going to get a full night of sleep. I actually got almost NINE hours last night, which was such a gift. I woke up to Viva 105.7, my station of choice lately, and in my dreams I understood everything...

Anyway it's time to go catch up on my comics. Today is Tuesday, which means a new White Ninja! :D

[edit 13:11]
oh man. High. Quality.

[edit 14:40]
If I want an internship here next Spring I have it. Man, I love Alan Phinney.
Also if I want one with Time Inc. or one of their publications in NY next spring, I also have a very good chance. But I still love Alan Phinney more. :D
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