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This weekend is like a little heart meter.. the blippy thing goes up and down and up and down

So I lost my favorite Northwestern sweatshirt. I can't find my extra battery for my camera. By the time stephanie and I got to the box office, the Lord of the Rings concert was sold out. I might not be able to travel in Spain AT ALL in December now. I really, really need to print my ASME application so I can send it so it can get to the US on time for me to apply and the printer in the office is broken and I don't have time later today to come back since my schedule is pretty much straight classes and dance until 9 tonight. I have to leave for my intercambio in 15 minutes.

BUT I went to Granada this weekend. And I may have gotten a little tipsy from the bottle of cheap wine that Stephanie and I shared on the street for Halloween.
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