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I <3 Mom

My mom made and shipped me sugar and spritz cookies! Yay!

I also got my baking pans today. So be on the watch for cookies rising from the north ;o)

Janet and I have discussed the phenomenon of how you go into a grocery expected to get two things except then end up coming out with no less than $20 of goods. Today I went to whole foods to get mlik, orange juice and tortillas. And I ended up with Hoisin sauce, chicken broth and sour cream as well. Total? $26.74 :o(
Stupid grocery store.

On another "bright side", I can kind of see the sun through the thinner-than-usual layer of clouds today. How nice :D

Okay, off to do work. Also I need to clean as this apartment is an absolute mess. I don't understand how it got like this...
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