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Teaching Magazine, what will be the first of many posts on this subject

So I got my Teaching Magazine materials today. And already I'm fed up with the process.
First of all, the handout they give you explaining the process has a disgustingly condescending tone, as if to say "we are doing you SUCH an IMMENSE favor by setting all this up for you. If you have a problem, DEAL." I mean, come on. Like we're not paying them enough or something?

Not only that, but I realized that there isn't really a whole lot of geographical diversity. You can get a site in Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, New York, or Emmaeus- Pennsylvania. There's also one in Texas. Apparently New York is the place to be though, since 3/4 of the magazines are there.
anyway, I've looked over the list and narrowed down my choices to 6 which is what we're allowed to pick. This might change after I actually look at the magazines, but we'll see.
They are: Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, P.C. Magazine, Popular Science, Self and Sunset.
There's a lot of considerations to take into hand - how much writing do I want to do? How much does the position focus on editing versus writing? Do I want the bigger name, or do I want a 4 person staff on a mag that nobody really knows where I do a lot more stuff?
Haven't really decided yet... if you guys have any input let me know :o)

Anyway that's my rant for now. Mostly getting this stuff has just made me kind of nervous. Like.. I'm going somewhere big, to do like real work, and I'm getting GRADED. Freaking A...
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