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c l e a n !

After my classes today I cleaned furiously :D Scrubbed everything and vacuumed. I even made the mess of electric cords behind the desk look neat.

Now I'm trying hard to find motivation to start my Chaucer paper and it isn't working. I just need to start and DO IT.

Watched "Scent of a Woman" last night. It was pretty cool. Definitely had it's moments..although it had it's non-moments too.
I think Phil is coming over tonight to take a picture of chicken with my camera. He's making t-shirts. I only hope I get to eat the drumstick when he's done.

Overall I am good. My Spanish pronounciation isn't too bad either. Now I just wish the shoulder muscle to the right of my neck didn't hurt, then things would be perfect. Or close enough for me to be very pleased :P
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