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If you ever want to have an awesome party - get together 16 close friends, a fondue pot, and a lot of food.
Last night was quite possibly one of the best nights of this quarter: our first course was cheese fondue, with four loaves of bread and 2 lbs of cheese. That went pretty quickly...we followed it up with 9 lbs of meat (beef, veal, pork, chicken and two types of italian sausage), 2 lbs of broccoli and 2 lbs of mushrooms to fondue in peanut oil. There are leftovers :P
We sat around and relaxed for a while, meaning - people sat around and relaxed while me, Steph, and various other guests cleaned up the dishes a little bit.
Finally, chocolate fondue with two packs of strawberries, 5 bananas, two loaves of pound cake, two pears, and three apples. Delicious :o) Of course it helps that we're stuck in a small studio apartment, and that we're all BLAST-ers, so we're coooozy with one another. Also the 10 bottles of champagne and wine, plus the half bottle of port, didn't hurt anything :o)
We capped off the evening by watching three episodes of "Coupling."
Throw in several rounds of roughhousing and wrestling, attempts to draw on phil's face when he was passed out in front of my computer, and Adam and Joel's own passing outs during the course of the evening. Dave's entrance in the snazziest swinger outfit I've ever seen, with Kaitlin on his arm. The best surprise of the evening: Anthony Matlis! Sahal trying to feed Steph but then just dropping it on her shirt. Ben mock-stabbing everything that moved in front of him. Nikki, battling the best she could against the mountain of meat. And of course, Thaïs, Diana, Pavel, Jana and Dorfman, wreaking their own havoc. Or just getting the benefits of impromptu massage trains.
My biggest shoutouts go to Steph for helping me out with chopping everything for two hours before the party actually started. And finally and biggest, to Sahal - my co-host, awesome comp partner. You're ridiculously cool.
And of course, to Lindsey, for the apartment - no worries, we put down plastic over the carpet everywhere :o)

There's photos going up in the February album as I write this.

What has this party made me realize? Well, things I already knew I suppose :o) Which is that one cannot ever underestimate the importance of good friends. People always ask "in five years, what will you remember as being important?" and it'll be last night.
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