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Luckiest person ever

Me. I am the luckiest person ever.

So I thought I lost Lindsey's key, to the storage locker in her apartment, and proceeded to retrace every step of mine from the past 12 hours (which is a lot of places since I was up till 5 am) but to no avail. Only to come back to Robert's room, be sitting despondently on the bed, and spot it right next to the dresser. How it got there, I'll never know, but I think I've either got a guardian angel or else I'm just stupidly lucky to have even seen it. *sigh*

This weekend in Evanston has been absolutely incredible. What would my life be without BLAST? Just a large dark pit, and I would be crying for help from the bottom with no sign of the light of day to be seen. The show sold out completely. Not only that, but at the 10 pm show on Saturday we had people in the AISLES, AND a standing ovation. A Standing Ovation!!! This is, as Micah said, a very, very rare thing in dance shows. And dude.. apparently he's just getting inundated with e-mails from people asking about how they can get involved in the club. I'm so excited; I can't believe I'm a part of something that's growing and becoming so big, and to have been a part of this group as its presence expands on campus, I mean, wow. I can't ask for more than that. I can't wait for next year. Everything is going to kick ass.
And my waltz kids.. man, they made my piece look way more beautiful than I ever thought it could. They all worked so hard and I love them so much. Heck, I love everyone today. And to have SO many people coming up to me and hugging me during the show and thanking me coming out when really it's ME who should be thanking them for being such an amazing group of people.

Last night after the show it only took us an hour to strike, which is amazing, considering the set we had. Then we went to Sahal's and partied it up. Also yesterday I spent a lot of time walking around campus and Etown with Ben, hung out with Zu, stayed with Robert (each of us curled up on a half of his bed, haha) and also saw my Auntie May (who isn't really my aunt but a very close friend who is storing some of my stuff for next year). And of COURSE I got to see my STEPH who came to the show on Saturday night and attacked me from the shadows after the show :o) Plus I got to see Chandler who hung out with us for a while between the 7 and 10 o clock show on Saturday. And the most fun surprise? That Sahal in his bio said he "loves dancing with Jen Chin."

What's left now? Well, I have about another hour before the BBQ starts at Anthony's place, but I'll be only able to stay for about an hour before I take off for Midway and back to New York.

When I sit here, at Robert's computer (hehe, thanks Robert for putting up with me.. I know I'm a spaz lately) and I look at my life, I can't believe how good it is. It makes me want to cry. Everyone should be able to have this, some people look a lifetime for happiness and mine is here always, right in front of me and it's this life. No matter how stupid I am and lose things and am upset or frustrated it's beautiful, and the road ahead of me is half-unknown, half-certain but all the way it's perfect. The air, the sun, this room, the people. I'm alive. Steph, Ben and Sahal - my most beloved Northwestern people - you make my life so good. I owe so much of my happiness right now to all your love and presence *sniffle*

Okay, I have to go calm down now; I'm too emotional to function. :P
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