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Completely awesome evening

Dave got these tickets to a Samsung digital screening of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We got in as "press" since it was through PC Magazine, which meant we got excellent seats. And the digital projector was sooo sweet. Not to mention, free soda and popcorn! The movie itself, speaking from a Douglas Adams fan point of view, was really cool and highly satisfying. I loved it. And then at the end they gave us cool lighty pens that change colors as you write.

We then decided that since we were already downtown we might as well wander around, and went to Ben & Jerry's for some high quality ice cream. Then we headed for the stage door of Spamalot to see if we could catch the actors as they came out. So we're waiting around, waiting around, and people start gathering by the door when who drops by? MARK HAMILL! in that instant, standing 10 feet away from Mark Hamill, my life became complete. I was tempted to yell his name and run after him, but then I didn't :P But man.. I was in love with him once, when I was like 12. And now I've seen him in person.
And then the cast came out, and David Hyde Pierce was a foot away from me and then I shook Hank Azaria's hand. Then by luck there was this little kid standing next to us and his mom goes "my son is a huge simpson's fan" and Hank Azaria says, "oh yeah? who's your favorite? Is it Moe? Chief Wiggum?" And as he's talking he does ALL THE VOICES and it was freaking awesome.

That made my night. I really wish I had rememberd to put my memory card back in my camera. But oh well, I'm cherishing the images in my head and they are good.
Thanks Dave :D
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