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This is going to be a quick update because I want to spend most of my lunch break working on my short story that I have to submit this Friday for the Writing Major. Basically all I've been doing lately is working and dancing, but how is that not always the story of my life? This is one of the first times I've ever gone somewhere to practice my dancing on my own (not with a partner or anything) and man.. it's a workout. Chelsea Dance has this nice little room where I can have the mirrors to myself and work on my posture and poise in addition to the steps. Then last night, after practicing for an hour, I jogged about a mile then walked the rest of the way back to my apartment. It was pretty nice - perfect weather, a little dark but there were people and of course the streets of New York are always well lit. I felt really good afterwards, although all my muscles were hurting and I expected to be sore today.
Life is full of surprises, I woke up feeling pretty good at around 5 am, hashed out most of the rest of my story and then went back to bed for an hour. Made myself a chicken salad inthe morning, which I'm currently consuming and it's delicious. Good thing I love my own cooking so much :D
Other than that, I dunno. I'm in happy-land.

Oh except for the whole cement thing.. so the workers upstairs poured concrete for the plumbing without putting anything underneath, and the cement came dripping down the wall of our kitchen. So now they've got to take out the shelves and repaint sometime this week. It's annoying, because of course if you take down the shelves, yout ake everything off too, which defeats ALL MY CLEANING LAST WEEK.. except for the conversation with the Rasmatazz. hehhe.

Okay, more writing time. I'm quite pleased; I've been doing soo much writing lately - for the magazine, in my journal, and now this short story. This is how my life should be. Only, you know, with more friends. ;o)
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