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the following link courtesy of Sahal
also, today's white ninja is mugnificant.

Monday mornings are woozy.
I got to talk to FIVE cool people on the phone last night - Mom, Dad, Robert, Phil and Eric! Eric may be visiting the weekend of July 15, which would be pretty cool. I think I'll be going into NYC the weekend of the 9, if I get it Ok'ed with Amy and Michelle... Also Matt is going to be staying with me while he works on his research project August 15-18.
and I went bowling with AAJA . I won, with a score of 90. Oye :D

Getting obsessed with cooking. I bought a lot of different vegetables last night and think I may attempt to roast them today. If you have favorite great recipes, send 'em over. By the time this internship is over, even if I haven't learned anything about journalism, I'll be able to dice tomatoes like I was born to do it.

I'd like to take some kind of dancing, or at last go social dancing while I'm here. I'm getting reaaaallly antsy for it. I think the Chevy Chase Ballroom may be my best bet. I also walked past this little restaurant yesterday on my way to Safeway that was offering salsa lessons on Friday and Saturday nights, $10 a pop. It's really close to my apt so I may have to go check it out soon.

[edit 11:00] When it Rains, it Pours
wow, just got three more assignments. Whee, now I'm sufficiently busy that I need to start running to get this information :o) Wonderful! let the craziness being swamped with work-ness begin!
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