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Hate it when that happens...

So I went on a date last night. Only, I didn't realize it was a date until halfway through dinner. Go figure.
Anyway it was with this guy, Lior, who is the art intern at NGM. Also halfway through dinner I found out he was 30, even though he just graduated from SJSU (he's from Israel, so 3 years in army + 7 years school). He was showing me his sketchbook and his stuff was great. I was pretty impressed. And we had some nice conversations, but yeah, now = bad time for relationship. Besides, my heart is still elsewhere, and I imagine it will be for a while...

I got meself a gmail account, courtesy of Bonnie. I've always wanted an e-mail address under chinnifer ;o) Now I've got so many addresses though: I still have my hotmail one from way back in the day (ie. 7th grade), I have my yahoo one still, as well as NU. Okay 4 I guess that's not tooo bad. heh.

I can't wait to see my parents. I can hardly contain my excitement of seeing them. Ahhh. I miss familiar people. A lot...
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