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Complete(ly losing it)

I'm in such a crabby, grumpy mood this morning, and I'm not sure why because I actually had a pretty nice weekend.
Eric came out to see me, and we ended up spending all day Saturday at museums and then going out to lunch on Sunday. I feel really lucky that our relationship has evolved into such a great friendship. People always say it can't be done, but hey, we're all for defying the norm around here :o) Not to mention he's still a far better cook than me, heh, yum!
Maybe this Monday is just a little bit of a letdown from the weekend. And hey, it's a Monday, so I'm supposed to be Garfield-grouchy.
I talked to Ben on the phone last night and discovered that while he can no longer make it to my brother's wedding, he'll be coming into SF for a few days at the end of August, so I'll be able to see him then before he heads off to Iraq in the fall.

I completely missed a meeting with the head of the consumer marketing division on Friday, called him this morning apologizing profusely. How did I miss that?! I feel like such a complete idiot. Ugh.
My supervisor also has been asking me to write weekly reports of what I've been doing. Which I also have not completed. I basically at this point just want to go home, and I can't believe I have to wait another 2.5 weeks. Gaaaah.
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