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tennis is cool

I just got back from playing for the second time this quarter and it was awesome. I am, however, not improving. Oh well.
Anyway I guess it says something that I'd wake up at 8 to play after going to sleep at 3 the night before.

At least it isn't dance (I've been getting too much of that lately... it's wearing me out/down).

Classes are good. Mango used my project as part of her slideshow this week during class, pretty cool. Also this class gives me a great excuse to spend my Wednesday afternoons at Barnes & Noble looking at every single magazine on the rack. :D

I feel like my week is over, even though I have a project due next monday, and a paper for my hardest-grading professor. Go figure that it's in a 200-level class that she's so tough. *sigh*
Oh, and I really need to figure out what classes I'm going to take. It'll be interesting to see how I juggle my schedule - I'm taking 2 classes that are only offered at very specific times that I need to fulfill major requirements. Meeeh. And then there's chinese which is only offered at a couple time slots, and one class. Thank goodness for the flexibility of other English classes. And now I have to run b/c I'm going to be late to Chinese. Again.
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