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I'm back to E-town in just a few hours here. Seems like I just got home, aside from the fact that I seem to be about 2 lbs heavier now than when I got here. My mom fed me soooo much food over break. Yum. Now my pants don't fit.

What I'm most pleased about is that I achieved my goal of sleeping 10 hours a day, except for last night but I've still got a 4 hour flight in front of me, so there's plenty of time yet. I also realized this morning that I literally haven't seen anyone who hasn't been related to me except for Dan. Yeah. There's no one here. Stupid NU spring break being off from everyone else's by a week. Grrrr.

It's unfortunate that while it's cloudy here and slightly warm, it's sunny in Evanston and cold. I want Spring! It better hurry up before I freeze my butt to death. At any rate, these next five days should be interesting, seeing as how I need to motivate myself to do a whole lot of stuff. Like I told Dan last night, we'll find out in a week from Saturday whether or not I should have been doing more competition stuff and less stuff for classes. *sigh*
Alrighty, time to make myself a lunch, do a little last minute packing and take off for the middle of the country...
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