Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Noloholo, Day 37: Lazy

A very lazy day today. It started out well. I woke with the sun, and did pilates on the dining hall patio in the morning. I’ve lost a lot of strength, which I think I can regain given effort and discipline. I’ll be waking up early every day for the next month to regain as much strength and flexibility as I can without actually being able to dance.

After that, I did little work, save the help I gave while making brunch today (omelettes with toast and sausage)) and the two paragraphs I produced for my journal article. I and spent the balance of the afternoon in my tent with Les Miserables. I admit, I skipped over 85% of the intricately detailed description of the battle of Waterloo, feeling like a cheat as I did so. Aside from that, I am thoroughly enjoying the grandiose writing style, and the sensation of recovering my bookworm self.

It is evening now, I have nothing more to add. Perhaps I’ll attack more of my Swahili vocabulary pile. Perhaps I’ll just further atrophy my mind with idleness. It’s good to have a day off.
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