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¡ay carumba! (sp?)

I swear my legs are going to give out on me. I'm sooo tired.

Class from 9-12:20. Then I came back to Allison, had lunch, and then went to Norris to go do a cash box request for the BLAST Practice party tomorrow. I did a little work before heading off to the ATM and the el station. The meeting with the lady at the Field Museum went well and I'm really looking forward to this ethnography project. Anyway, that went till around 5:15. Comp practice started at 6, and obviously I was ridiculously late. I ran from the el stop back to the dorm, threw my other stuff down, grabbed my shoes and ran to Parkes. Now I'm taking a quick break to grab more yellow payment forms and get work to do. Oh and maybe try and find some food too, since all I have in my stomach is a cup of lukewarm coffee. Ughghghn. Plus my desk and bed are an absolute disaster zone of a mess because I've been going nonstop. At least I'm not sick anymore! Ok. Enough complaining. Back to Parkes now for more work till 10.
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