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Probably too much complaining :o)

Oye, I feel like I have sooo much to say and update about and I don't even have time for it all. Now this really sucks because for one thing I've felt really removed from a lot of you guys lately cuz I've just be sooo busy that I haven't been able to sit down and talk to anyone seriously. I haven't even talked to my mom on the phone since I got here. So here's what I CAN fit in the little time I have.

The weather has warmed up drastically; it's supposed to hit the 80s today, thank god! Last night I had 2.5 hours of some of the most intense dance practice I've ever had. My dance shoes stretched a little since I bought them so I punched another hole in the straps yesterday (and in the floor of the Norris Louis room too). So now they're nice and tight and feel tons better to dance in, but I also came back to my dorm with large red marks on my feet and toes. Needless to say I've been walking around in flip flops all day today. But I've got probably another 3-4 hours of dance today, so we'll see if I can walk tomorrow ;o)

I'm really pissed off because on the way to and from the Field Museum on Monday I read the entirety of Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai, a book that was supposed to be due next week in my Post col Lit class. However, I got to class the next day and someone complained they couldn't find the book and turns out the entire class doesn't even have it yet. So the professor bumped the book to the END OF THE QUARTER and assigned other reading instead. ARGH! Work with me here people! How am I supposed to manage my work if you frickin keep SWITCHING IT AROUND ON ME! So yes, I'm pretty pissed about that.

Anyway the really sucky thing about this weather is that I've been so busy that I only have time to enjoy it when I'm walking to and from all my other things. Very upsetting. Oh and I was also kind of disappointed because when I made my schedule for this quarter (9-12:30 everyday) I had hoped that I would be able to use all the rest of the day to do things like go running and play piano. Instead, it's just been me running around doing things for BLAST and Last Lectures (mostly Blast) and also my anthro project. I was trying to find out the next time I'll be able to sleep in and it looks like it's going to be the weekend of November 1. Maybe. *gurgle*

Well despite the fact that I just complained for a good four paragraphs, I must say that my life is great. My days fly by and I don't ever have time to analyze or worry about anything, because if I spend time doing that I'll get left behind in everything. I'm always so thankful for the awesome people around me and the great family I have, and it all just makes me so happy when I think about it. And the fact that all the leaves are changing colors means my favorite time of the year: autumn. My classes are stimulating and the people in them fascinating. Everyday I find time to feel alive, even when I'm just sitting here in front of the computer listening to music.

So I should get some work done before my next class, but hopefully I'll find a little time later today to say more about my classes or something. We'll see :o) Have an awesome day, everyone!
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