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I'm smert.

Today I learned:

how to draw a kinship diagram for matrilineal, patrilineal and bilateral descent societies
why neolocal and patrilocal groups clash with one another in society
about the exotification of asian women and also men
how to use the term "fetishism" correctly
where pakistan, Bengal, Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma are on the map, and how they got to be that way
the generationalism of ethnicity
how the hyphen (in asian-american, for example) means that the "asian" in the hyphenated use does not mean the same thing that "asian" in the unhyphenated use does
the art of brushing my teeth in the shower
my PBN number so I can actually call out on the land line now
how much it costs to buy 7 tickets for the Lord of the Rings trilogy screening on Dec 16 at 1:00 pm ($182.00, if you're curious)

and it's only 3:00 ;o)
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