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I like clean windows

So I'm sitting here minding my own business and I hear this thumping behind me and there's a guy harnessed with a rope in front of my windows cleaning them. I was just like "holy fuck, where'd you come from?" But I like clean windows.

Tons o' crap to do today before I leave tonight. Yes, I'm going to the U of I tonight for a ballroom dance competition but I should be back tomorrow night. Next week I've got two papers, a Spanish composition and a midterm. That should be fun. Esp since they're all within the first three days of the week. ewwww. I'm going to be dead. This means no going to dance at ALL next week. Ok, maybe comp practice. but that's it.
And I'm pissed cuz I'm missing the Freshman 15 concert this weekend, as well as the Bhangra Indian dance stuff. poooh. Oh well. Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Time to do work. Love you all :D
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