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80 degree weather makes Jen hyper

My two Spanish quizzes this morning went well. I also spent a good 5 hours on the beach/rocks right by the lake doing work, writing, people watching and reading. It was lovely. Though breezy - I got really sandy. And those damn ladybug beetles came back out en force with the warm weather. I think the sun really gets to me as I've been in a skipping mood all day.

Comp practice today sucked it because not only was the floor totally slippery but I think there was like.. rice on it too or something since it got on the soles of my shoes and in my shoe brush thing and it was gross. We were practically ice skating as we slid all over the place. And we were doing tango, which if you know anything about it, it requires traction so that you can really drive and move across the floor. I didn't go to see my 3-hour long Anthro video, which may come back to bite me some other time. I also got into a disagreement with my producer for LL, which is never good because producers are definitely important people. And I like my producer. But apparently he doesn't like me too much right now :P

In other news, Lindsey and I heard organ music coming from upstairs today and we attempted to pull the "Friends" banging on the ceiling thing but the plaster is too think and doesn't echo at all. Piece of crap ceiling. :D Aaand. yeah. That's pretty much it. I'm going to sleep now.
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