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and so continues the roller coaster

Yeah, there was a brief respite in the whole one day being good, the next day sucking thing when Robert came to visit. But oh, surprise surprise, it's back again!

So yesterday I hardly did any work which was pretty damn nice. Today.. well when I woke up not only was it oppressively gray and cloudy out but I was actually really tired despite the fact that I got 8 hours of sleep. Felt bummish and gross all morning. Got my anthro midterm back - yeah I thought I raped it but apparently my TA thought I didn't. 88%. Suck. And I wouldn't be upset if it wasn't for the fact that I SHOULD HAVE DONE REALLY WELL AND GOTTEN A SOLID A ON IT! Piece of crap.
Off to English lit where I hate it when people talk and make me feel stupid. Couldn't concentrate on the discussion either and ugh. Now I'm trembling for some reason (I had a big breakfast though, so I don't see why I would be so hungry now) and headachey and generally in a pissy mood. What the heck is up with me?

I'm going to go forage.
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