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Feeding the Addiction

So I started talking to Angie about reading today. And that got me thinking "I love books." Which got me thinking "I want to go somewhere with lots of books," and that led me to "I'm going to Border's." So after a day of lounging on my bed, doing work (am I allowed to say that I worked and lounged at the same time?) I had a burger at Plex, and then went to spend money that I don't really have on books. See, the worst part of Border's is that Northwestern students get a 20% discount on just about everything in the store, which causes you to believe you can afford to buy more books than you actually can. Robert, Phil and I spent a little over an hour perusing the shelves; Phil and I spent some quality time looking at picture books in the children's section, and I came away with three purchases: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, How to be Alone by Jonathan Franzen, and Dylan Thomas, the Collected Stories. I can't wait to start reading them. Although right now I'm working at Strunk and White's The Elements of Style which I'm going to follow with some samplings of Steinbeck and then a book about building believable characters in an attempt to find some kind of inspiration for writing my short story for Fiction class.

Anyway, spending time with Robert and Phil is always rewarding because I love them both to death and they always make me smile. So thanks for coming to Border's tonight, and I'm sorry for making you miss your movie, Robert.

Side note: Happy Birthday, Eric :D Now you're old too! hehee
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