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How to write

So perhaps the key to writing is that the night before you must read voraciously for hours and hours and then talk on the phone for two hours. Fall asleep to the sound of rain through your half-open window, wearing only sheets. And then the first then you must do in the morning is get up and go to the computer and write and write and write until you can't write anymore because it's 1 in the afternoon and you're starving hungry. Take a break. Eat alone. Read more. Take a shower then go back to writing. Drink coffee that went cold long ago.

Well. It seems to be working for me. I've got 2 pages of my short story done, which is a lot for one day. I feel great. Angie might come visit me in two weeks. My big 2100 word article has been published and is on newstands: My mom just posted photos of her trip to Berlin. There's one of her all dressed up for a gala event and she looks beautiful.
My desk is filled with things - books, papers, food, a pencil, chapstick, CD case, globe, mug with last night's tea, cookies. The floor besides me has books all over it too, Steinbeck, course readers, shoes, a ditionary. I feel like there's books all around me. I feel secure. I think of material posessions. Think of how it is that thought I've spent all of today by myself I don't feel alone, nor lonely. Though I miss Lindsey, it's true.
And I've spent enough time here. My story calls. Work. Always things to do, but I like that. Anyway, enough of these disjointed thoughts.
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