June 23rd, 2011

Central Park

Hunchun, China: Week 5, Pt 3 (Skipping Out)

Today I sat down and backed up 10 years of LiveJournal entries, one month at a time (the only way LJ allows you to do it). When I finished, my feeling of distress came not from the time consuming nature of the task, but the discovery that a number of months were completely empty. What happened then? I found myself wondering.

Some of those months were in the heart of 2008, when I was struggling under the dampness of an unfulfilling job and failing relationships. Then, I knew my lack of writing paralleled my emotional darkness. But some months, scattered here and there, were out of easy neglect. In these days, when my hands are full of free time, I have no excuse not to write. And yet, I skip many days at a time and tell myself that I just don't feel like it.

The past few days I've been putting together my new domain, www.jenniferachin.com. For the first time, I'm being strategic about knitting together all my social/web presences. It used to be that I purposely kept them separate - using different names and information to also prevent search engines from associating them. But I've been inspired by The Pioneer Woman, and Dooce, and so many others. I've been, for a long time, a constant chronicler of what is around me. I'm going to try and put some effort into it now, and share more about the things that excite me (mainly: dance, conservation and business), and maybe build something out of it.

My eyes are starting to close now, and I know I still owe an entry on Changbaishan. That one will be up in a couple of days.