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Back to NU

um, waking up at 4 to catch a 6:30 am plane is so, so far from being fun.

Last night, however, was nice. Lots of hanging out, Coldstone, Pearl Tea, seeing all the cool people who I missed so much over the past quarter. I can't wait for winter break when things aren't so rushed and crazy.

I flew ATA to midway with my brother (we were on the same flight, which was super) and then took the El back to Northwestern. Somehow my water bottle got half open and a good quarter of the water spilled into the bottom of my backpack, and got part of my laptop and camera wet. They both seem to be in working order though, so I'm not freaked out about that anymore.

It's actually not that cold here at all. It's only 54. Sunny, too. I have a lot of work I should be starting right now except I'm so tired that all I really want to do is sleep. Except I just took a shower so my hair is wet, and I'm eating for the first time today. Oh, and WNUA just played Mannheim Steamroller's "Deck the Halls" which totally transported me into a holiday mood and now I keep thinking about decorating the house and the tree, buying gifts for people, the way the house smells after a full day of baking... Only two weeks to that; and after waiting so long to go home for Thanksgiving, two weeks seems like nothing at all.

oh, and I got a letter from Michelle today, which is like the highlight of my day.ok, time to go concentrate on.. eating this lovely turkey/cranberry sauce sandwich that my mommy made for me :o) yay! Ok, I think I'm too tired to say the things I really wanted to say.
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