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Trilogy Tuesday, entry #2

So now that I'm sufficiently conscious here's yesterday's recap.

People got to my house by 7:30 (minus danny and geoff) and we drove to Oakridge Mall and stood in line. Starbuck's, egyptian ratscrew, pringles and a ridiculous amount of teasing from Dan carried us through to 11 when we were allowed in to the theatre.
The first movie started at 1:00, and though the beginning dragged a little it was still awesome. Off for dinner at Steak n Shake, a forty minute break. The Two Towers started at 5:30 and man, I forgot how good that one is all the way through. The new scenes were still fresh and fun and man, the "horse and rider" speech gets me every time.
I napped in the hour between TTT and Return of the King.

Return of the King was so amazing - an ending to a trilogy that for once was everything it ought to be. I refuse to say anything more because Ina will kill me, but I shouldn't have to as you all should just go see it yourselves. I don't know what else to say about it. It made me laugh, and cry, and just sit there in awe and it made me cheer. It was the ultimate experience. That's all I have to say.

Drove back, got home around 2 and crashed. Now it's 11 and I'm hungry and need a shower. So off to that.
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