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Yesterday was awesome. I got soo much done in the morning. I changed my windshield wiper blades and put in a new air filter on my car, got pictures developed and picked up supplies for the weekend. I also made a trip to Safeway to pick up stuff for my mom's baking frenzy. Oo, and I put on my Yosemite National Park bumper sticker.

Around 1 Eric and I left for Carmel. We made pretty good time - about an hour, 15 minutes. I'd never been to downtown Carmel before and so it was a lovely experience. The weather was perfect, and the town is really charming. We window shopped, looked in various art galleries and got food. Then we walked over to the beach and watched people running around with their happy dogs. Then off to Monterey, with a little detour around the 17-mile Drive, which is a ridiculous amount of fun to drive. We had a nice dinner at a place on Cannery Row and then headed back for home. We watched "The Royal Tenenbaums" (a GREAT movie) to cap off the day. In short, it was pretty much everything a day ought to be. It feels lovely to be young.

Today I went to LAHS to say hi to teachers. Autoshop was probably the most fun. Everytime I go I feel more and more detached from the school though, and I imagine eventually I may stop going altogether? I didn't get to see Mr. Higgins, who is the one person that I really did want to see (next to Ms. Rosen) so that sucked. But I talked to Mr. Ely and was reminded about how much I miss autoshop, and then saw Mr. Squellati. OH! David Evitt got into Northwestern!!! :D I'm soooo excited! It's about time another LAHSer attended :o) So yes, there will be good times there, and I'm so happy for him :o) I also saw Daan, David Evitt, Michael, Angie, Estelle (who got really buff), Albert (who got really tall), Jeff (who killed the Asian-Am club :o) and Leslie.

Anyway, now it's time to go chop off some hair. And eat cookies. I need something to do. I'm bored. :P
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