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Friends and Ice Skating

I had dance this morning from 9-10:30 so that was a good way to get me out of bed. Mostly I did work for the rest of the day, with a break to write thank-you notes. The highlight of my day was getting together with Lindsey, Misuzu, Robert, Alison and sometimes Meghan and some guy whose name I now can't remember to watch the women's long programs of the National Figure Skating Championships. If you didn't know already, Zu, Lindsey and Robert are all hardcore figure skating fans, and I love listening to their commentary as much, if not more, than watching the actual figure skating. There was a lot of laughs, and oh man, you should have SEEN the three of them jump out of their seats in excitement when Sasha Cohen fell. hahaha, it was hilarious. Anyway, Michelle Kwan totally stole the evening. She skated SO beautifully, got 7 scores of 6.0. It was perfect, and you could just see the determination and the passion in her face, and at the end she was crying and she was just so happy that I was crying too :P
Oh, and my dad called to say hi so I got to talk to my mom and brother too. Speaking of which I got a new phone plan which gives me free weeknight and weekend minutes, so call, call, CALL :D

Anyway. Now I'm back to work, and maybe trying to wrassle up some food.
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