Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

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Lazy morning

I woke up at 10. Last night there were drunk people being extremely loud out in the hall, and then they went into the girls' bathroom and threw people's shower stuff all over the floor. It was a mess, but when I went in this morning it was mostly all put together again. There was even an unopened can of beer on the floor.

I crawled back in bed because I could, and stayed there reading for an hour. I finished The Sun Also Rises. That's 14 books I've read off my list since late November. Not shabby at all, but I think I'm not going to have as much time now that classes are beginning. I can't decide whether or not I should go into the city for the day, but it's a little late at this point anyway. Maybe I'll just get ahead on my other work instead. We'll see :o)

At any rate, I suppose I should change out of my pajamas and go get some food. I miss home today.
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