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My first frat party ;o)

So last night Nick said to lindsey, "let's go get drunk." So we (me, lindsey, robert and nick) were trying to figure out where we could go and whaddya know - party at ZBT :D
Oh, before we went tho, Robert and Lindsey went to Blockbuster to try and find "My Fair Lady" and Nick and I went to MAB to try and play the two piano arrangement of Schumann's piano concerto in a minor. Anyway, let's just say Nick is really really good and I'm really not so good at all. The best was when we were trying to play both parts on the same piano. hahah :P Yeaaaah, my musical knowledge is sooo poor :o( But it was fun.

Anyway, so we come back and spend a while trying to convince lindsey to go to ZBT with us, and we finally get her to come. So we change and get ready and head over there with Nick's friend, Vangelis, who is this crazy student from Greece who is absolutely badass. that's all I have to say about that.

Basically we danced all night. The frat house was kinda dark and dingy, and when I came back I found my shirt reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke but it was still pretty cool. And aside from me having to fend off a couple of people who tried to make a move on me it was a good time. Robert and I took off around 1 and I fell asleep pretty much as soon as I got back. Anyway I'd probably go again, except take more people like Zu, Shayla and Malena.

Now I feel all social. and it's sunny outside! But I'll probably just stay in today and write essays. Ahh, essays...
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