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Baby, it's cold outside and yet...

It's beautiful outside. The snow - small, dense flakes - has been falling all day, veiling the sidewalks, grass, twigs and even the very air. I like to look over and see it drifting one way or another outside my window. I walked down one of the lesser -traveled paths today and on a whim walked serpentine tracks all the way along it.

It's already 2, but I feel pretty productive. Up at 7:30 to review vocab for my Spanish quiz, which ended up going well. This Spanish professor's vocab quizzes are a lot easier than anyone else that I've had - so far they haven't required any English ->Spanish translation, which is the harder direction to go.
Afterward I made photocopies of my article to submit with my internship applications (god knows when I'll have time to do those) and then went to give my recommendation forms to Professor Gundlach. He sat down and talked with me about my goals and how my quarter was going. He always makes me feel so good about myself and what I'm doing at NU...such a wise person.
I went in to submit a request for transcripts today as well. I was lucky enough to see Phil there, who was P/N-ing one of his classes, and he reminded me that today was the last day I could do that. So yeah, I'm going to P/N my Chinese Literature in Translation class. Thank goodness he told me though, or else I'd be stuck having to put in twice as much time into that class as I already am.
I did laundry today and tidied my room a little more, as well as successfully finding more space for books up on the top shelf of my closet. That shelf is damn strong - I've got a LOT of heavy stuff on it.

Anyway I'm in a fun-making mood today, and am listening to my RA's R&B/hip-hop music over iTunes. I totally wanna break out a move but I'll control myself :D I now have to write a research project proposal for both the Seville and Athens SA programs. My Seville one is going to be about the way flamenco plays into the social dynamics of Seville. I don't know about Athens yet, but probably something about the Minoans since I have a little background in that already from Latin class. Okay, peace out, yo...
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