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Best. Song. Ever.

For the moment, anyway :D So aside from the fact that I'm desperately craving some kind of blue sky and any weather above 25 degrees, I'm doing okay. My classes are going well, I'm pulling decent grades, dance is good, I'm busy and for the most part I'm generally okay with the world.
I got my first A (well, okay, A-) on a Spanish exam ever today. Which is saying a lot since I've taken 8 of them by now. So that was exciting. My study abroad program applications are only missing the medical form part that needs to be filled out - other than that they're complete, so that feels good. I'm really excited about that now and probably won't be doing the writing program next year as a result of the fact that if I do, I won't be able to study abroad and my TM stuff would get all messed up. It looks like I won't be spending a whole lot of time on the NU campus next year then - only winter quarter (which everyone knows is the best one. right.) but that's okay.
Alrighty I gotta go do some more work. Have a good one, folks.
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