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Dude. I've been sitting in front of this computer screen working on my Victorian Lit since 10:30 this morning. Oh, I think I took a break from 12:30-1:30 for lunch and to finish my reading for my comp lit class. I took a shower too :o) And then I decided not to go to comparative lit because I needed the time to work on my paper. So yeah, that was the first class I've ditched since last Spring. Anyway, I've got a good 3.25 pages single spaced right now. It's a much better paper than the first draft (thank god) so yeah. But man. My eyeballs hurt. And my back is kind of knotted. And I'm headachy. BUT, I'm on my bed, using my wireless (shh, I'm not breaking res hall rules, honest...) and it was sunny today! So I'm in a good mood. Plus, now I can eat dinner before dance, and then come back from dance to sleep. Then tomorrow I'll tighten everything up for submission at 2. :P Ok. time to go write more.
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